Having a loose tooth is something that most people dread, as it means the tooth has to come out in the near future. You may be thinking that you can get away with not getting the tooth extracted for some time, but you will eventually have to go to your dentist and ask them to get the extraction done. That is why you may want to know about how the process works.

If you do call your dentist and talk to them about a tooth extraction in Rockford, you should know that your dentist is probably going to set up an x-ray. The reason why they will give you an x-ray is because they want to see what is going on in your mouth. They will assess the way the tooth looks in relation to your gums and the surrounding teeth. That gives the dentist an idea about the condition of your gums.

tooth extraction in Rockford

When the dentist is more aware about what is going on they can schedule your extraction. If you have a tooth that is a bit loose and your gums seem okay, then you may not have to get it done for a few months. But if you are exhibiting some signs of gum infection or disease, then you have to get the tooth out quickly.

Your dentist can get the extraction done within one or two days of the x-ray if needed. They will book an appointment and the extraction itself will be over within an hour. Sometimes you get a local anesthesia shot, but if the tooth is very loose then it may not even be necessary.

Ensure you are talking with a professional about this matter, as you do not want to leave a loose tooth unattended for too long. You may be causing damage to your surrounding teeth as the infection in your mouth spreads, which would create more issues.